how to clean gutters with a pressure washer

How to Clean 2-storey Gutters With A Pressure Washer?

The arrival of Autumn is a telltale sign of spoiling the summer party with dead leaves, mold, dirt, and germs in your roof gutters and soffits. You might be looking for a genie who could easily do this hectic task for you, but we are sorry modern genies no longer support such wishes!

Well, it’s time to upgrade and throw away your old ladders and baskets. We have got you covered with the pressure-washing technique that will make your gutters and fascia look brand new in no time.

If you are tired of getting wet while cleaning your gutters, a pressure washer is easy, fun, and the best way to clean them. This guide will discuss how to clean gutters with a pressure washer. Stick around and read on, as we will also give you some safe and practical tips to blast away all the debris blocking your gutters.

How To Pressure Wash Your Second-Story Gutters

A Step-By-Step Guide:

1. Place Your Outdoor Furniture Inside The House – protect your valuables.

If you don’t want your wives to shout at you for ruining their stylish furniture, 10/10 husbands recommend covering it up with plastic before starting pressure washers. You wouldn’t want debris to fall on anything that will give you more work to clean up after.

Next, ensure that you have a clear pathway, so you don’t accidentally trip over anything. Put all the kids’ toys and plant pots aside, as you need enough space to move around. Once the job is done, you can pressure wash away the waste that fell from the gutters.

2. Safety First – wear safety equipment.

Wearing the appropriate safety gear when operating a pressure washer is essential. Therefore, don’t forget to wear safety goggles and other protective gear, as debris and water may drain off the roof, get into your eyes, and cause severe irritation.

3. Use A Telescoping Wand – flexible and adjustable.

A wand? Yes.. but no one is going to Hogwarts; you still have to clean your gutters before rainfall ruins everything. However, what is the difference between a good job and a great job? – a high-pressure telescope wand!

Attach the wand with your pressure washer hose, and adjust the length of your wand according to your convenience so you can reach as high as you want to without climbing up the ladders.

If you’re going to wash something at a height or wondering how to pressure wash 2nd story gutters, DON’T do it on a ladder—using a pressure washer while on a ladder is not a wise idea.

The force generated by a pressure washer will cause a recoil in the wand, which can make your ladder wobbly and throw you off balance. (Work smart, not hard!) you may directly land on a hospital bed for the next three months.

4. Put On A Gutter Cleaning Wand Attachment – U-shaped is preferred.

Next, attach a ‘gutter cleaning wand attachment’ to the telescoping wand. There are a few different gutter wand attachments available in the market. We suggest the most popular type of attachment that curves into a U shape, almost like a hook. The attachment’s bent end allows you to clear out leaves, twigs, and other debris that can accumulate inside your gutters.

In addition to the main nozzle, washing attachments are available with two horizontal nozzles that spray water in all directions. Because they clean both gutter sides simultaneously, these attachments are more effective at cleaning gutters and other surfaces.

5. Rinse Your Soffits And Clear Your Surroundings – be careful about appropriate PSI.

Before you soap everything up, here are a few considerations on how to clean the outside of gutters. Make sure to pre-rinse everything with clean water. It’s best to start with a low-pressure nozzle with 1200 to 1500 pounds PSI to loosen any tough stains on the gutters and surroundings. Beware not to use high pressure initially, as it can easily damage the exterior walls, soffits, and fascia, leaving you in deep regret.

This will also keep your surrounding vegetation safe, as water dripping from the roof can accumulate in your plant pots and damage them. In case you have drowned them, attend to them within 4 – 5 hours with nutrient-rich fertilizers and drain off the stagnant water.

6. Apply Detergent – bring shine to your gutters.

Using Detergent to clean the gutters is a quick and easy way to remove dirt, dust, and other debris. Scrubbing with a detergent-based soap will help ensure that any remaining residue can be easily rinsed away.

To clean things up:

Use a detergent solution of a good brand.

If you’re using a concentrated detergent, dilute it according to the package instructions.

Turn your detergent tank “On,” attach the spray tip, apply a diluted detergent solution to the soffits and gutters, and let the machine do its magic.

7. Wash Away Dirt And Detergent – goodbye germs and stains.

You have almost cleaned your gutters; now is the time for final touch-ups. Bring out your high-pressure washers this time and spray off all the Detergent, remaining grime, and stains. Carefully inspect every part of your gutters and make extra efforts to remove stubborn stains until you find your surface spick and span.

When you’re done, switch back to a low-pressure nozzle and squirt clean water over the nearby vegetation to rinse any leftover detergent.

8. Clean The Debris – the final step.

We can hear your heaved sighs of relief! Congratulations, you are nearly done, and then you can grab a cup of coffee and relax for another year. Wash the debris that fell onto the ground from the gutters using a pressure washer. Moreover, you can use a water broom attachment for the pressure washer to do it more quickly and effectively. Three or more nozzles on the broom will increase the spray’s coverage area.

Remember the algorithm, spray into a corner, sweep it up, and throw it in your trash can.

Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Gutters?

Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most hectic chores we have to do almost every year or, sometimes, twice a year. We wish we could avoid it, but we can not, as neglecting this can cost a fortune and cause irreparable damage to our walls, soffits, and fascia. Let’s discuss some scenarios:

Consider gutters that are so clogged with leaves and other debris that water overflows. The additional weight of whatever has accumulated can break the gutters.

Imagine the consequences when debris freezes in cold, snowy weather. The extra weight may cause the gutters around your house to collapse. As a result, the water from melting will have no outlet to flow away.

What Is The Best Time To Clean The Outside Of The Gutters?

The best time to clean out gutters is late Autumn, when all of the leaves from nearby trees have fallen, or early winter, just before the cold storms arrive. Clearing leaves at this time of year is an excellent way to avoid flooding in your home during the winter and spring.

What Is The Best Time To Clean The Outside Of The Gutters

It also depends on the type of your neighborhood. For example, people living around forested areas must clean their gutters almost 3 to 4 times a year to avoid clogging.

How To Make A DIY Detergent? – say no to expensive soaps.

Can’t afford those expensive market detergents? Don’t worry; we have a perfect budget-friendly recipe of Pressure washer detergent for you as a bonus. All you need is the following ingredients:

1/3 cup trisodium phosphate

1 gallon of hot water

1/3 cup laundry detergent powder.

Properly mix all these ingredients in a large bucket, and your Detergent is ready. The most important thing is to use fixed proportions of each ingredient to make your Detergent effective.


Can you use a pressure washer to clean a gutter?

The short answer is YES! And you should! Remember that you use a suitable amount of pressure to powerfully clear out improperly maintained gutter systems without destroying them. Clearing out your gutters regularly with a good pressure washer will ensure they last a long time and keep your home safe from rain for years.

How much pressure do I need to clean the gutters?

PSI (pounds per square inch) determines the efficiency of pressure washers. The higher the PSI, the more dirt and dust it can blow away. However, a pressure washer with a PSI of 1500 is best for homeowners. It is the most suitable option to clean your gutters without damaging the vulnerable parts of your house. If you need to clean large commercial areas, pressure washers with PSI of 2700 – 3000 are recommended.

How do you pressure wash the outside of gutters?

Bring out your pressure washer, hook it with a high-pressure nozzle, open your gutter and turn the tap on to blast away all the Detergent, stains, dried moss, and leaves. Remember, never use a ladder, or you will have to bear painful consequences.

What is the most efficient way to clean gutters?

The most efficient method is, without any doubt – The Pressure Washers. A pressure washer with the proper attachment quickly provides the power required to remove debris from your gutters. This may be the best option and method for gutters that have been clogged for years. A pressure washer will allow you to clean your gutters safely and quickly by eliminating the need to climb and move your ladder around your house where your gutters are located. Your gutters will be cleaner than ever before.

Final Thoughts: How to Clean Gutters with a Pressure Washer

Now that you have learned whether it is ok to pressure wash soffits and fascia and a fantastic way to clean your house gutters in no time, it’s time to take wise action. Rush to your nearest stores and buy an appropriate pressure nozzle to pressure wash soffits and fascia efficiently. (Inner peace!) you can free yourself from these constant reminders to clean up your gutters and satisfy yourself by ticking off this difficult task on your to-do list.

Did you like this article? Did we miss anything? Do mention in the comments below how your experience was with pressure washers!

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