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Common Pressure Washing Business Mistakes

Starting a business is one of the most exciting adventures; after all, you’d be on your way to escaping from the unending rat race of living from paycheck to paycheck.

And with a bonus: you enjoy the thrill of overcoming challenges as you watch your brainchild grow into a magnificent beast of your creation.

And if your brainchild happens to be the pressure-washing business, well, you’re in luck! It has one of the highest demands, exceptional versatility, and low startup cost, with the sweet cherry on top of the potential for high scalability and growth.

You must Address These Mistakes Sooner Rather Than Later

However, with these lavish advantages, some common mistakes can derail your business even before it starts.
And that’s alright, too, because if your business takes off even with these mistakes, the problems will reappear later.

And if they do reappear later, they can be more devasting. Because now they have the power to disrupt an already running and fully-fledged business.

So, stick around as we will address a few critical mistakes that will give you a head-start for starting a successful pressure washing business and ensure that it remains that way for many years to come!

Not Doing A Tremendous Amount Of Research

Before starting your pressure washing business, you must perform your research and do plenty of it. The research will decide the roadwork for your business forever, and it will help you answer numerous essential questions, such as:

  • What’s the demand for pressure washing in your area?
  • Do you face competition, and how much is feasible for a startup like yours?
  • What products and services can you offer?
  • At what scale do you plan to launch your pressure-washing business?
  • How will you market your business?
  • Do you face any legal challenges requiring proper licenses and permits?
  • What would be the costs required?
  • And finally, how would you price your offerings?

Not Making A Well-Detailed Plan

Your tremendous research will help you make a detailed plan for every step of starting a pressing washing business. The research and your plan will help you stay focused and make informed decisions. Your fully-detailed business plan will help you to:

Identify your launch strategies and marketing approach

  • Determine the supplies for your pressure-washing business
  • Estimate the budget considering equipment, insurance, marketing, etc.
  • Develop a pricing strategy for both the initial and long-term phase
  • Set goals and develop a timeline to achieve them

Not Having Quality Equipment

Any successful business needs to have high-quality equipment. Therefore, you’ll need to invest in quality equipment and have contracts with only reputable suppliers.

While starting the pressure washer business, it can be tempting to cut corners while buying cheap supplies, but this can be very costly because:

  • You’ll lose money on items that are already broken on arrival or fail during testing.
  • You’ll lose customers by delivering them cheap items.
  • Returns are costly as it involves delivery fees without any revenues.
  • You’ll ruin your reputation, which is fatal for businesses just starting.

Now, if you have a low budget, you have two choices:
Buy a smaller but quality stock, wait for it to sell out, and request a new batch from the revenue. You can then scale your business accordingly. This might mean a longer wait time for customers.

You can offer big discounts if you are sourcing inexpensive products. However, communicate the reason behind your low prices – i.e., cheap products that aren’t top quality.

We recommend the first choice as customers prefer longer wait times over broken or cheap products.

Not Being Specific Enough

In addition to supplying quality equipment, businesses need to be niche-specific. This will help you get the best equipment suitable for the market type you’ll be targeting. For example:

You might want to target the consumer market
In this case, you’ll be better off with electric and cold-pressure washers.
But if you want to target the commercial market
You’d need gas pressure washers and invest in hot water equipment.

The type of equipment you want would be determined by your research, plans, goals, demand, and competition in the market, and your personal expertise.

Ignoring The Insurance

As the name suggests, pressure washing involves handling equipment at high-pressure levels. It can also include dealing with hazardous chemicals and high temperatures. Therefore, it is paramount that you supply a highly detailed safety manual for all your products and services.

But, despite that, some accidents that are out of your control are bound to happen. So, it is essential to address these loopholes and protect yourself against bogus lawsuits that can hinder your pressure-washing business.

Not Having A Website

In this digital age, having a website is one of the first steps to run a business. It is your platform to reach millions of customers all over the world. You can also showcase your services and products however you want to on your website.

Your website will help you to:

  • Reach audiences all over the world and be available 24/7.
  • Showcase your deliverables and supercharge your sales.
  • Build brand awareness with the incredible power of SEO.

Not Marketing Your Business

No matter the greatness of your product or the incredible expertise of your skillful, it would be useless if you can’t sell it. Hence, you need effective marketing to bring in the big bucks for your pressure washing services.
With a solid marketing strategy, you can target your ideal demographics, attract new customers and grow, and make sales even in your sleep. Having a marketing strategy includes:

  • Running Google or Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Word of mouth
  • Setting up sales pages and sales letters
  • Encouraging word of mouth

Not Having A Strong Online Presence With Social Media

According to the latest data, an average person spends about 151 minutes daily on social media. This means you have 151 minutes to reach out to your customers! And with a strong social media presence, you only need a few seconds.
Having a social media presence can do wonders for you. That includes:

  • Build a personal connection with your customers.
  • Promote your products and services easily.
  • Set you up for your marketing strategy.
  • Redirect customers to your website/sales page.
  • Offer email opt-ins to set you up for email marketing.
  • Build brand awareness by sharing your brand story, photos, and videos.

Not Branding Yourself

The pressure washing business has a high demand, so you are bound to encounter some competition. Therefore, you must properly brand yourself to avoid getting lost in the noise.
Your business’s branding is its unique identity that will play a huge role in attracting customers. So, you will want to invest in a professional… well, everything – including your logo design, website, and consistent colors and styles across all your branding materials.

For example, use similar colors, font styles, and tones if running multiple Facebook ads.
Here’s a pro tip inspired by the tech company Linus Tech Tips. Notice we said the company even though there’s the name of the company’s CEO, Linus Sebastian, in the brand name. Doesn’t it seem selfish to brand themselves on a person’s name instead of a company name?
On the contrary, it is easier for people to trust and relate to a character instead of a company name with no personality behind it.

Not Upgrading Yourself With The Latest Trends

The pressure washing industry is dynamic and is always changing, therefore, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. This involves incorporating new techniques and technologies into your business strategy.
For example, AI technology is trending in 2023, so you can utilize it to set up responsive customer support for your pressure washing.
The best way to keep up with industry trends is to attend conferences, join training programs, and network with other professionals (the former two techniques will also help you accomplish the third).


How do I start a successful pressure washing business fast?

While it may be tempting to be impulsive and start a pressure washing business fast, it’s highly recommended to take your time. Do plenty of research first and make an efficient business plan. Contact several suppliers and find out the best prices; make sure only to place orders with reputable suppliers. Double-check all legal requirements, subscribe to an insurance plan, and start marketing your business.

What is wrong with the pressure washing business?

The pressure washing business has incredibly low startup costs but has a few cons. For example, equipment maintenance can be difficult. It might have seasonal demand, and like any other business, marketing the pressure washing business can be challenging and require a lot of patience.

What materials do I need to start a basic pressure washing business?

You can start your pressure washing business with only pressure washers. That can also be specific – for example, they can be in the consumer category or the commercial market. You can then expand your versatility and obtain other materials, including hoses, nozzle tips, cleaning solutions, extension wands, foam cannons, etc.

What is the best technique for pressure washing?

  • The best technique for pressure washing would depend on the task and surface you’re washing. Here are some tips for you:
  • Asses the surface to find out the appropriate pressure washing PSI (it’s better to wash to be safer than sorry and wash at a lower PSI).
  • Maintain proper distance and start at a lower PSI.
  • Test in a small inconspicuous area before proceeding to clean the entire surface.
  • Use a cleaning solution to cut down the cleaning power required.
  • Prerinse first, then apply the cleaning solution, and then finally wash it off.
  • Don’t let the pressure washer run for over a few seconds without using the trigger gun.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks. Now you know how to avoid major mistakes while starting a pressure-washing business. We’d be covering these tips in more detail so you know how to avoid each of these mistakes – you do want to know how to find reputable suppliers, don’t you?

So, ensure you’re subscribed to our email list, and we’ll let you know exactly how you can find the best high-quality suppliers that offer the best prices.

To recap the theme of avoiding mistakes while starting a pressure washing business: you will want to conduct plenty of research and take your time to build up a foolproof plan for every step of the way.

You should have specific goals, demographics, and deliverables in mind. Have a robust and persistent online presence. Protect yourself in case of mishaps. And finally, be dynamic. Always be unique, and become a trendsetter instead of just trying to keep up with the industry trends.

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