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How To Start A Pressure Washing Business?

Are you planning to start a pressure washing business with less investment? Great! Pressure washing is one of those businesses that almost anyone can do as it is an easy job with low start-up costs and yields high-profit margins.

How much money can you make pressure washing driveways, vehicles, and more? A pressure washing business can help you earn extra cash flow every day or every month.
Yes, you have heard it right!

You can make up to $150,000 or even more by only working 250 days a year, considering that the average pressure washing costs between $180 and $420 per job.

In this article, we will guide you through five fool-proof ways to help you start your pressure-washing business so you can build a stable income flow and live a luxurious lifestyle.

Formulate a Solid Business Plan

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Developing a realistic business plan is essential to avoid bottlenecks and maximize opportunities. Moreover, the pressure washing industry makes billions of dollars globally, meaning you will always find people looking for you and your services.

To get started, you should know what type of pressure washing services you will provide. For example, will you only wash driveways and patios, or are you planning to offer additional general maintenance services?

Next, calculate how much you will charge for your services, as they can vary according to the size and duration of the project.

Here’s a rough estimate of how your pricing should look like :

  • House exterior: $250-$850

  • Industrial buildings exterior: $300-$1,000+

  • Driveway: $50-$250

  • Vehicle cleaning: $50-$200

  • Patio and Decks: $2000-$500

Before setting up your business, look deep into the pros and cons of pressure washing business, and formulate a marketing and sales strategy for profitable results.

Buy Your Supplies and Learn to Pressure Wash Like a Pro

hose pipe

Pressure washing business start-up cost depends on how expensive the equipment you buy is. However, remember it is a one-time investment, so buy the best durable product with excellent results.

Suitable pressure washers can cost around $170 to $500+, depending on whether you are looking for a gas-powered or electric pressure washer. The four typical types available in the market are light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, and maximum-duty.

Here is a few pressure washing business equipment you need to buy other than the pressure washer itself:

  • A hose pipe

  • Detergents and Chemicals

  • Scrubbing brush

  • Body and Eye Protective gear

  • Nozzles and Pumps

The last thing you need is to get paid by a customer and destroy their property. Therefore, it is essential to practice your skills first if you are a newbie.

Renting a pressure washer is another great way to lower your start-up costs and avoid expensive washing mistakes. If you find pressure washing videos oddly satisfying like us, watch a few youtube videos beforehand that will help you learn and grow excitingly.

It’s Time to Establish Your Business

Select a relevant and catchy name for your business so that people can easily remember you the next time they want their patios and exteriors to get cleaned.

Besides, open a business bank account to handle all your finances. Opening a separate account from your primary account is important for tax and legal purposes. When opening your account, feel free to ask questions because some banks have unique benefits for business accounts.

Get The Paperwork Done

Next, getting all the paperwork done is vital to avoid falling into last-minute troubles caused by authorities. You will need a business license, structure, and insurance to make everything legal and official.
Sounds overwhelming? Let’s break everything down into little chunks so you can digest the information better 🙂

Business License

To get your hands on the license, check our country’s small business website to know the local requirements. An average business license costs a few hundred dollars, including renewal fees.

Consult with a qualified legal advisor to obtain a business license and uphold legal compliance, particularly when handling complex licensing requirements and applications.

Business Structure

When selecting a business structure, you will generally have the following five options:

  • Partnership
  • Sole proprietorship
  • S Corporation
  • C Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Each choice has some advantages and disadvantages. This is why you should do your homework before taking action.


The potential for workplace incidents won’t surprise you since you will be handling heavy equipment and climbing ladders. Hence, you must timely acquire business insurance for your machinery, general liability, and property.

If you have hired employees, get insurance from a reliable agency for their well-being and protection.

“Workers’ rights should be a central focus of development” – Joseph Stiglitz.

Promote Your Business Online and Offline

Marketing is the fastest way to drum up your pressure-washing business! Facebook ads are an instant way to grab loyal customers. All you need is to invest $10 to create an attention-grabbing ad and post it online in community groups to gain reach, engagement, and, most importantly, CUSTOMERS!

You can also get business cards made with your name, contact, and website printed on them. Join business expos or go door-to-door to introduce your services to the people and become the talk of the town.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Business

Low Start-Up Costs

Comparatively, less investment is required for the pressure washing business as you only need to buy a pressure washer and some accessories to get started.

On top of that, as all the work is done on-site, there is generally no need to lease out an office which saves the rent money.

Flexible Working Schedule

The best thing entrepreneurs like about the pressure washing business is the flexible working hours. This flexibility allows you to work around your commitments and tailor your working hours to suit your lifestyle.

High Demand

Pressure washing can provide efficient and thorough cleaning results, so many homeowners and businesses prefer to hire professionals to clean their buildings, driveways, sidewalks, decks, boats, and other surfaces..

Cons of Pressure Washing Business

  • Equipment Maintenance is Difficult
  • You must understand that frequent maintenance of your pressure washers and related equipment is necessary for effective cleaning and happy customers.
  • You may have to spend time and resources repairing your power washer in case of damage.

Safety Concerns

Your body may tire from using heavy machinery, handling hoses, and working in various weather conditions. It’s critical to adhere to the correct safety procedures and take the appropriate precautions to reduce these risks.

Seasonal Demand

If you offer pressure washing services, you may experience fluctuations in demand depending on your location. During colder or rainier seasons, there tends to be less demand for outdoor cleaning, which may result in slower periods and impact your income.


How profitable is a pressure washing business?

Pressure-washing business profitability can vary depending on several variables, including location, competition, pricing, marketing tactics, and operational effectiveness.
Because of the demand for their services in both the residential and commercial sectors, pressure-washing businesses typically have the potential to be profitable.
A well-run pressure washing company can generate healthy profit margins by providing high-quality services, building trusting relationships with clients, and carefully controlling costs.

How do you start a pressure washer?

Wear protective clothing and safety goggles when starting a pressure washer. Ensure the oil levels are checked, and the pressure washer is fueled or connected to a power source. Attach the garden hose to the water inlet and ensure it is properly secured.

Turn on the water supply, and let it run for a short while to clear any air bubbles and ensure the water flows properly. Let the pressure washer run for a few minutes for the engine to warm up and the water pressure to balance out.

Squeeze the trigger to begin spraying after engaging the trigger safety lock and releasing it. To achieve the desired pressure and spray pattern, adjust the nozzle.

Is power washing hard?

Power washing can be physically demanding and requires skill and knowledge to do it effectively and safely. While using a pressure washer to clean surfaces is straightforward, there are essential considerations to remember.

  • Properly handling the high-pressure water stream,

  • Selecting the appropriate nozzle and pressure settings for different surfaces, and

  • Maintaining a consistent distance from the surface is crucial for achieving desired results without causing damage.

What chemicals do you use to power wash a house?

Water is the primary medium used in pressure washing when cleaning a house. Various cleaning agents and solutions can be used in addition to water to increase cleaning effectiveness.
Gentle detergents or soaps designed for power washing are frequently used to remove dirt and grease. Mold and mildew can be removed with diluted bleach for more difficult stains, but care must be taken to prevent damage or discoloration.

Final Words

Pressure washing is a thriving business that allows you to find customers immediately. Numerous firms and homeowners require routine cleaning by a qualified individual. If you’re prepared to fill that gap in your community, implementing our suggestions can help you get started.

We have stockpiled some practical ways to start your pressure washing business under $4000 to help you reign the business world. We hope they will help you expand your business to other cities and towns so you can live a stress-free life ahead.

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